HTC Returns To The Red In Loss-Making Q2


No turnaround for Taiwanese mobile maker HTC which is predicting another loss-making quarter, releasing preliminary results for its fiscal Q2 today.

The Android OEM says it expects to make an operating loss of NT$5.14 billion ($166M) on unaudited revenue of NT$33.01 billion ($1.07BN) for the quarter ending June 30. Net loss before tax is around $256M, after tax it’s $260M. EPS is reported as -NT$9.70.

HTC reported its first loss-making quarter in October 2013, as its business was squeezed into the red by fierce competition in the Android space, especially by the might of Samsung’s massive marketing machine.

HTC pledged to focus on mid-tier devices in a bid to drive uplift via volume sales. However it’s now lodged between something of a rock and a hard place, with ongoing competition from Samsung, plus the rise of lean newcomers like China’s Xiaomi which are aggressively squeezing handset prices further while also targeting mid-tier buyers. The affordable space where HTC hoped to play is…

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