Now You Can Find Out Who Unfriended You On Facebook

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by Alisha Jackson

Have you ever logged onto Facebook and noticed that your friend count is lower? Unfortunately, finding out who unfriended you can be nearly impossible, especially if you’re popular on “the book”.

I personally don’t think I could take the heartbreak of knowing who doesn’t want to be my FB friend anymore, but I must admit that I’m pretty curious.

If you decide that you want to know who left your friends list, the “Who Deleted Me on Facebook” app now makes it possible.

So how does it work? Unfortunately, the app only works for future “unfriends”, as it only keeps track of a user’s friends list from the time he or she downloads the app. So sadly, if you’re trying to figure out who unfriended you yesterday, you’re out of luck. But if anyone “deletes” you in the future, the app will notify you when…

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