Personal Tips: How to keep your information secure

Excellent Tips

Disclaimer: Even the tips provided below cannot completely protect you. Work to develop your Security Mindset. Always remember, if you’re unsure if something is secure, ask!

In this post, I will highlight how a “Security Thinker” thinks, I’ll cover different avenues of attack including physical, personal, & digital attacks. Finally, I’ll spend a little time on how you can protect your data.

Becoming a “Security Thinker”

Ever picked up your car from the dealer after an oil change? The conversation probably went something like this…

Me: “Hi, I’m here to pick up my car…”
Customer Rep: “What’s your last name?”
Me: “Beck”
Customer Rep: “Got it, I see you in my list. I’ll have them pull your car right out front.”
Me: “Thanks!”

Great customer service? Or a massive breach in validating the real owner of the car?

How about this product?

SmartWater is a water-based, clear solution “paint” which…

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