Automatically Create Leads From Gmail Messages Using Zapier

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1. Open Zapier and log-in to your account.

2. Click ‘Make New Zap’


3. Creating Your Zap

You will now begin to create the zap. First you need to choose a ‘Trigger App’ and ‘Trigger’. The trigger app will be ‘GMAIL’ and the trigger will be ‘New Thread’.


Now you need to choose your ‘Action App’ and ‘Action’. The action app will be ‘STACK’ and your Action will be ‘New Card’.

So what this means is that when you receive an email from a new contact, Zapier will add a new lead/card to STACK. (1 card for each new thread)


Click Continue, Zapier will now ask you to link and verify your GMAIL account and STACK account (it will only ask you this for your first zap)


Now Zapier will ask you to choose optional filters to use when looking for new email threads. You may only want threads from certain folders…

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