Internet Safety: 10 Realistic Ways to Secure Your Personal Information Online

PSI Tech Space

By Alex Ouyang

A life without internet is unimaginable for many of us at this point. The limitless annals of information we seek are at our fingertips and we are more connected to the rest of the world than ever. But in seeking information, we must exchange our own. Every search, click, Like, and Tweet is being tracked by organizations that use that information to create something that you will buy. And as tracking algorithms grow more advanced, our personal and private lives become increasingly claustrophobic and vulnerable as major organizations find themselves being targeted by hackers who want our information for less savory reasons. So is there a way to secure our personal information and make us less vulnerable to hacks? Here are ten preventative measures you can take in order from easiest-to-do to ones that might take a little extra effort:


  1. Make your social network settings private

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