new feature: Twitter Welcome Campaigns

Kula News Action

It’s new feature time everyone!  this one is something I created out of necessity – I needed it so I made it…

I’m calling the function ‘Campaigns’ for now, here’s the use case:

I’ve been telling people that if they want to try KulaNews, all they need to do is friend @kula_news on twitter and I’ll send an early access code.  Categories allows me to automate the process of sending a ‘welcome’ message through twitter whenever someone new follows @kula_news.

Here’s the interface with the settings I use:

how to set up a twitter 'welcome' campaign how to set up a twitter ‘welcome’ campaign

This feature is available to all PRO users, but that only means anyone who follows @kula_news will be able to use this functionality through the remainder of 2015 – at least.  Just click the Campaigns menu item to set it up.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. give your campaign a title
  2. choose type = “Twitter Welcome Direct Message”
  3. enter the…

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