Two simple ways to stay on top of e-mail

The Context Of Things

EMail Hacks For Productivity

Everyone in the modern world seems to complain about e-mail. Like, everyone. I’ve had a bunch of jobs, in a bunch of different industries/verticals/cities/bosses, and regardless of all the differences, this whole concept of ‘OMG, I cannot stay on top of my e-mail!’ permeated at every single place. It’s gotta be universal, at least in white-collar cubicle world.

I’ve never really had this problem. The first part of that argument is that I’ve never really had a super-important role at any job I’ve held, so … you can argue that it makes sense that I don’t get a ton of e-mails. The second part of the argument is that I like to think of myself as a semi-logical person and I try not to get overwhelmed by a bunch of Reply Alls floating in, because that’s what e-mail tends to be: reply-alls, e-mail marketing offers you sent to your work…

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