Using Jenkins for Build Automation of SOA / BPM 12c Projects – Part 1


In this blog post I will share my experience in using Jenkins for Build and Deployment automation of a SOA / BPM 12c Project. I am working on a Windows Environment.

Lets start by first installing the Jenkins Tool.

I will deploy Jenkins in Tomcat Application server. To do that first download the following:

(1) Apache Tomcat 7.0.63 here
(2) Jenkins .war file (version 1.62) here
(3) Apache Ant 1.9.6 here
(4) Apache Maven 3.3.3 here

Simply Unzip the Apache Tomcat 7.0.63 into a C: Directory.

Delete all folders in C:apache-tomcat-7.0.63webapp

Copy jenkins.war file into the C:apache-tomcat-7.0.63webapp directory and rename the jenkins.war file to ROOT.war

Modify the file C:apache-tomcat-7.0.63confcontext.xml and add the following line within the Context tag

Modify the file C:apache-tomcat-7.0.63confserver.xml and change the port to 18080. and add the next parameter URIEncoding=”UTF-8″. as shown below.

Now you can go ahead and start your Jenkins. To Do that go…

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