Alternative to iTunes Home Sharing for Music [iOS 8.4]

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Can’t use iTunes Home Sharing to share songs after updating to iOS 8.4? Don’t worry, there are some alternatives to iTunes you could have a try to transfer songs between any Mac/PC and device, no matter it is iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or old iPod nano, classic.

Music Home Sharing Gone Missing in iOS 8.4

News reported Home Sharing for songs is gone missing in iOS 8.4, and this iTunes sharing feature is only limited to apple TV users now. And related complaints about iOS 8.4 home sharing came to Apple communities.

Complaints: Music home sharing no longer available after iOS 8.4 update

Alternatives Softwares You Could Have A Try
Music Home Sharing Alternatives iTunes Alternatives for Music Home Sharing
Some iTunes alternatives to Home sharing are necessary if you don’t want to pay $14.99 per month for the Music Family Sharing Plan which Apple offers in its new Apple music app.

PodTrans – Free iTunes alternative to…

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