Goodbye iTunes, hello Apple Music

The Trivial Matters

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Apple Music launches this Tuesday, June 30th, bringing its entire catalogue of music to iOS and Android users for $9.99 a month. Standing on the shoulders of companies like Spotify and  Beats Music, Apple plans to re-revolutionize the music industry through their new streaming service.

Of course Apple Music won’t do for the industry what iTunes did back in 2001. iTunes turned buying albums into buying songs, making things like mix CDs obsolete and widening the fame door or thousands of indie bands. However, Apple Music will help usher in the next era of consuming music.

Streaming music isn’t something Apple invented, the company actually pretty late to the party in tech years, but it is something Apple will perfect. When Apple Music launches on Tuesday, it will immediately become the most popular service of its type, defining its category.

Music professionals from around…

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