Hot to automate email verification. Get email with SMTP

thoughts and notes

In my previous notes I was thinking of using Gmail API for automation purposes. You can find conclusion here.

Continuing the topic – How to automate email verification I get a closer look at retrieving emails using JavaMail API. Documentation you can find by link.

To decide whether JavaMail Api works for me I did a simple test – find unread email by subject.

Developer environment:
1. JDK 7 or later
2. Maven (do not forget about M2_HOME)
3. Any convenient to you IDE
4. Test mail account

Firstly I generate simple Maven project and configure pom.xml file with only one dependency:

In my case I am using Gmail account. That is why I applied additional account security settings. Some apps and devices use less secure sign-in technology. So you need to turn on access for such less secure app. You can do it by navigation the

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