System 3: MR3420v2 + Huawei E8278

build your own broadband

So, to recap. The MR3420v1 is a bit flaky. I want to run two systems side by side for redundancy. Plus, all the systems I’ve built so far are good for 3G+ – but I’d really like to be ready for 4G, and so a switch to EE would seem sensible, as they appear to be rolling out 4G quicker than anyone else.

TL-MR3420v2 TP Link MR3420v2

I manage to pick up a TP-Link MR3420v2 for less than £20 on eBay – the v1 doesn’t work with 4G dongles anyway, so a v2 is the only way forward. If I had actually realised how much more stable the v2 is – I probably would have switched earlier. I quickly discover it can run for weeks without crashing and is a pretty robust bit of kit.

I spent ages researching 4G dongles and got a bit confused with everything out there. Only some are…

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