Matterport Captures $30M To Scan Rooms Into Virtual Reality


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This $4500 camera turns the real world into the virtual one. Today, Matterport’s hardware is a hit with real estate agents. But fueled by the $30 million Series C it just raised, Matterport’s software and partnership with Google’s Project Tango could let you wave your phone around to create VR tours of anywhere you want.

For example, here’s Matterport’s VR version of a San Francisco art gallery I work with called The Sub.

It used to take a $50,000 rig to do that until Matterport democratized capturing interior spaces for VR. It’s sold thousands of its cameras that have generated tens of thousands of virtual scenes explored by over 1.2 million unique viewers per month. CEO Bill Brown tells me “We could very easily make this a cash flow positive business based on our revenue today.”

Instead, Matterport wants to be more than a camera company…

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